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PMG carpentry is your trusted company to provide all your carpentry needs. We have skilled and dedicated professionals who put the customers’ needs first. We work for both new houses and existing ones. In the existing houses we can do any type of carpentry repairs which will make your house look as good as new. We have experience in working on patios, decks and pergolas. We do this very nicely to make them look perfect and inviting. We do both the floors and the roof of the patio so that you can have a magnificent room.

If you want a beautiful deck where you can just relax and watch the sunset or host visitors we are the guys for you. We come with our own equipment which means we do not hassle you up. We are dedicated to deadlines and we make sure that the work is completed within the required time frames to avoid any problems.

For the outside, we can make very nice fences that will be the envy of your neighbors and passerby. If you do not have a design in mind we have very creative personnel who come up with very good fence designs. If you are just starting to build your house we provide framing services to ensure that your house comes out the way you want it to be.

We have been in the industry for over a decade which means that you can trust you are in safe hands. Over the years we have gained enough experience needed to come up with the best work. We come very highly recommended as our clients are satisfied with our services.

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